4mg Organic CBD Canine Cookies

4mg Organic CBD Canine Cookies

Our organic Canine Cookies are not only delicious, they offer 4mg of Organic Broad spectrm CBD support in each cookie!
 Our cookies are always produced in small batchs to ensure freshness and are human grade.
Our cookies contain NO Cheap fillers, NO preservatives, NO gluten, NO corn, NO soy, NON-GMO, NO artificial flavors an no funky chemicals you can not pronounce.
Our premium CBD is ONLY grown on our USDA certified organic partner farm located in Fort Collins, CO which means superior consistency, predictibility and reliability
  • The Bottom Line

    Our canine cookies offer a convenient way to support your furr baby at home or on the go.

    * We offer 20 cookies per bagwith a guaranteed 4mg of organic broad spectrum CBD in each cookie.

    Our cookies offer wellness support naturally! Nourish your furry friends with a synergistic approach for body and mind. 

  • Suggested Use and Dosage

    These are the starting dosage recommendations.

    We all metabolize uniquely as do our pets, so dosage is fine tuned per individual and need!


    For our Larger dogs (50+lbs) start with 1 cookie.

    For our smaller friends start with half a cookie and see how they feel.


    The perfect quantity will become clear

    with how your furry friend is feeling!